The Masked Bird

Rosamund’s life begins as happily as any other child’s, but soon after her eighth birthday things began to change. When her baby brother is born and her mother dies in childbirth, her father, the Earl of Nottingham, sees her only as an expense, an useless girl. With an impending engagement to Sir Guy of Gisbourne, life seems to her like it can’t get any worse, until she discovers her father’s mistreatment of the people.

Fueled by rage, bitterness, and pity for the oppressed, she disguises herself behind a mask, so that she can help the afflicted. Her first escapade goes severely wrong, and only Robin Hood’s help saves her from certain death. Carried wounded back to Hood’s camp, she realizes that it is only with their help that she can succeed, not only in helping the people, but in gaining her own revenge. Reluctantly, at Robin’s recommendation, the outlaws permit her to become one of the band, allowing a series of heartbreaking, fearful, and triumphant events to unravel.

Will Rosamund be able to gain and keep the band’s trust in spite of her mask? Will her courage and sense of justice enable her to succeed? Or will her anger and thirst for revenge turn her from her original purpose?


Sherwood Forest. For years it has been the outlaws’ haven, a place to rest where they cannot be found by their – and England’s – enemies. But all that is about to change as a storm of emotions and change hits the forest. As the band is rocked by betrayal, trust gives place to suspicion and harmony to anger. When the battle begins to affect those within, will they be able to stand the storm, or will their internal struggle conquer them forever?


4 thoughts on “The Masked Bird

  1. Jessy Jones says:

    I love it! I’ll be following your blog for sure, looking for more about this WIP, especially!

    Question: The “masked” part of the title makes sense, what of “bird”? Or is that just a she’s “flown the nest” sort of thing, a metaphor for her?

    the writeress @ barefoot in the snow

    • Of course, the one you like best is currently resting. But maybe I’ll have to dig out some old information or do some editions of Beautiful People on some of the characters. And maybe that will give me the motivation I need to tackle the gargantuan task of prepping for the next draft.

      I’m probably going to end up changing the title at some point, but the “bird” is a reference to when she changes her name to Raven.

      Glad to have you along for the ride, Jessy!

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