When Schedules Fail

diary-page-550929-mWe’ve all heard it before. Make goals and set yourself a (slightly flexible) deadline by which to meet them. Yet sometimes following our set schedule shoots us in the foot. We want to start writing X story by a certain time, so we rush through the prep-work and end up with cardboard characters as a result. We want to finish writing X by a certain time, so the ending is written poorly in order to meet the deadline.

Schedules are good, but sometimes their existence negatively affects the final product.

Sometimes schedules fail.

My plans for beginning writing Page’s Dilemma (and a secret project) fall into this failed category. Fall flat on their faces into it. I was supposed to start yesterday, yet not only have I not had the time to do the prep-work for them, there was more to get done than I could have ever hoped to do in time. The answer?


If I want a good final product, now isn’t the time to begin. It’s the time to let my stories and their prep-work grow organically so that when they are written, they are the very best they can be.

So when am I starting? I don’t know; there’s so much work to be done. There’s no schedule for now, only plugging away. And in a while…in a while it will be ready.


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