A Return and a General Update

timeless-333471-mWell, that is bad. This is my first post since April, other than my last poem. My apologies.

So why haven’t I been posting? Generally, my course load at college has been so heavy that I haven’t had the brain capability to actually write out a post. Procrastination has also been a factor (surprise…). But now I’m back and I will (hopefully) be posting much, much more often!

What happened to my writing? Well, this summer I ended up blasting through the last almost-half of King’s Bluff, finishing it up at around 71K. As usually, there’s still a lot of work to be done on it. There’s more I need to worldbuild, characters I need to flesh out more, plot lines to figure out how to tie up with a pretty bow. Right now, it’s out to my story consultant/alpha reader.

Meanwhile, I’m beginning work on the second book of the trilogy, Page’s Dilemma. I get to play with a new, younger MC as the repercussions of King’s Bluff unfold. While I’m quite looking forward to it, it is a bit daunting, since I wasn’t expecting to start PD until KB was completely done. And now I want to start by the middle of December, and I’m very not ready. So I’m pushing myself to get the grunt work done, worldbuild what needs to be built, and somehow get all my plot ready.

I will hopefully be back next week with a new post, so I’ll leave you with the logline for Page’s Dilemma for now.

When a young page hears a dangerous secret not meant for his ears, he must choose, not only between the welfare of his country and his own life, but between the two men to whom he owes much.


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