Beautiful Writing – March

I haven’t written one of these for a while! All of the posts are from the same two young men*…I think they’re hogging the talent. 😉 Regardless, I’d like to share their writing with you. Enjoy!

Old People and Old Places: This beautiful post by Jeremiah Stiles poignantly discusses memories and change.

A Blank Sheet of Paper: Andrew’s posts, whether poetry or prose, are always jaw-droppingly amazing, and this is no exception.

Don’t Forget: A follow-up poem on Jeremiah’s Old People and Old Places, this lovely work places the reader’s perspective on memories and change exactly where it should be – God.

I’ve Got a Wanderlust For Sure: Another lovely Andrew post about longing to explore, to see the world.


*Both of whom are in the Beautiful, Essencey Posts That Make Zoe Cry Club (BEPTMZCC, for short)


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