The King’s Bluff Month – The Rebel

And we’re on our last post of TKB Month already! Or maybe it’s finally, depending on your perspective.

Today I’d like to introduce you to Ryrdaen Tiaedelde, the rebel referred to in the book’s logline. Note: this post is a little more spoilery than the others, so if you don’t like spoilers, there’s a little x button on the right side of your tab up there; feel free to use it. 😀

A distant relation of the Raseild family, Ryrdaen shares their red-brown hair, but his eyes are black and unreadable. He is a little on the short side, though lithe. His features are sharp with determination, and his manner is simultaneously one of command and wounded pride.

Ryrdaen has been known to be subject to sudden swings of mood and opinion, causing those around him to be wary of causing offense. He is not loathe to help other people, but neither does he spend time looking for people to help. He has a strong sense of justice and a desire for people, including himself, to have what is rightfully theirs and/or what they deserve. His actions tend to be hasty, which, combined with his mood and opinion swings has caused some interesting situations.

Ryrdaen is the grandson of the youngest daughter of the deposed Tiaedelde royal family (if you can decipher that). He grew up being told of his rightful place in society, and groomed to regain it someday. He attended battleschool in Athulia, like Antreo, and also spent time at the Athulian court. Now, with Antreo in Athulia, he is, with the help of friends in Entlaunia, raising an army to regain the Nalycian throne.

And that is that! I hope you enjoyed the brief journey into Saemyr to see the setting and meet my characters. Please have a safe trip home!


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