The Fantasy Writing Adventure – January

And another  month has passed, and I’m late with my monthly post! Somehow, in spite of missing two of my weekly writing days, I managed to finish chapter six!

One of the things I discovered was that adding foreshadowing to a difficult scene makes it not only work, but rather fun to write! And sometimes, just sometimes, it can change the plot of the whole book, and even the trilogy. It’s still changing the book’s plot, in fact. It’s a ripple effect.

‘Was this wise?’Corithazon whispered as the delegation left and court continued on.

‘What do you mean?’

‘You have a regent, you know. Will he honour it?’

‘How can he not, when I explain Entlaunia’s plans? I have done what he never could have: given us security.’

‘But what about your charade? I do not think a dandy could so deftly create an alliance.’

‘Perhaps not, but there is one special clause there that will keep me safe, whether or not it reveals the lie. It only lasts so long as I lead the country’s armies.’

What about other scenes you’re not sure what to do with? Make something happen your MC doesn’t expect. Poor Antreo. He thought it was just a simple horse race. Little did he know, his mount didn’t like races.

Doras looked at Antreo’s mount and burst into laughter.

Antreo looked at him in confusion.

‘Your mount has acquired a reputation, a young lady offered.

‘What sort of reputation has she acquired?’

Sylve exchanged a smirk with Simiya. ‘You’ll have to wait and see.’

‘And did you remember that my guest palace came with this mount?’ Antreo turned to Doras.

‘I thought it might, yes.’

‘I see I have just been invited to provide amusement, then. Well, shall we get on with it so I can go home and nurse my wounded pride?’

And that’s all I have this month. 😛 It’s been rather uneventful, I’m afraid. In case you haven’t noticed, I have the official progress meter going in the sidebar now, so you can see my exact wordcount progress there. 🙂


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