The King’s Bluff Month – Supporting Characters

Though many supporting characters appear throughout the novel, the cast can be boiled down to five essential characters: Atharielle Raseild, and Saen, Corithazon, Sylve, and Nenith Jadain.

Atharielle Raseild

Atharielle carries the Raseild family resemblance. Like most noblewomen, her fine red-brown hair hangs down to near her waist. Her features are gentle, and this continues into her eyes, which, while lacking sparkle, when added to her kind air, make her immediately seem like a trusted friend. Her slight frame reaches barely to her brother, Antreo’s, chin.

As mentioned, Atharielle is generally kind and mild-mannered. However, she shares her brother’s strong sense of right and wrong, and when something violates that, she becomes angry and antagonistic. She’s not afraid to speak cuttingly against wrong.

Though she is Antreo’s younger sister, he greatly admires her. Her disapproval of what she sees as his weakness, cuts him to the core, though he cannot bring himself to tell her it is all a ruse. He finds himself making choices that hurt her, yet excuses them with the need to keep his secret.

Saen Jadain

Saen is taller than Antreo and athletically built. His black hair is always falling in front of his fun-filled violet eyes. Though his features are generally soft, lines of determination are beginning to form around his mouth. His bearing is one of confidence and energy.

Though generally of a teasing temperament, Saen has a fiery temper, and is quick to lash out if provoked. He is fearless, a natural leader, and a quick learner. Fundamentally and fiercely loyal, once he becomes someone’s friend, he will stay by them through thick and thin.

Saen is the eldest son of the king of Athulia. As such, he is training to one day lead both the country’s armies and battleschools. He and Antreo became fast friends at the Athulian battleschool, and it is Saen who guarantees his friend instant acceptance at the court. And in the final battle, it will be Saen’s sword that ends the matter once for all.

Corithazon Jadain

Like the Raseilds, a resemblance runs through the Jadain family. Though his hair is generally neater, Corithazon and Saen were often mistaken for twins as children. Over time, his features have hardened more than his older brother’s, and he is generally considered the more handsome of the two. His air is disinterested at first glance.

Corithazon is slightly haughty, and his character is one that demands respect. Yet as one gets to know him, his friendly interior comes to light. He is not afraid to use his power and position when necessary. Like his brother, his loyalty is unswerving. He focuses alternately on serious matters and the sheer enjoyment of life as a prince.

Corithazon is the second son of the Athulian king, and the heir to the throne. He first met Antreo as a result of a letter from Saen asking him to take the foreign king under his wing at court. His support politically will be fundamental to Antreo’s success.

Sylve Jadain

Sylve’s black ringlets and saucy eyes have cause many a young noble to fall head over heels in “love” with her. A teasing smile plays perpetually across her well-formed face. Though slim, she is considered short, reaching only to Corithazon’s shoulder on the best of days.

Sylve’s most evident characteristic is her flirting nature. Like a butterfly, she flits, enchanting most men she sets her sights on. She is boisterous and energetic, and carefree about life, considering it all a big party.

Sylve is Athulia’s oldest princess. Corithazon’s introduction first causes her and Antreo’s paths to cross. Already appraised of his qualities through Saen’s matchmaking attempts, Sylve turns to flirting with him. He falls for it at first, until he discovers that her flirting has an ulterior motive. Yet when Sylve and Atharielle meet, Atharielle does not see that Antreo does not care for the young princess, only increasing her disgust at him.

Nenith Jadain

Plainer than her lovely sister, though still with the Jadain traits, Nenith is often overlooked. In spite of her willowy height, her retiring air causes her to escape notice.

Nenith is sweet and gentle. She feels deeply the pains of others, and tries to comfort them as best she can. Though rarely participating in conversation, she listens and studies, so that when she does speak, her quiet wisdom is listened to.

The youngest princess is intrigued by Antreo and his charade, and that intrigue only grows as she comes to know him and his character. When she joins her siblings to travel to Nalycia, she instantly finds a kindred spirit in Atharielle. As Atharielle discovers the truth of her brother’s masquerade, the two work quietly behind the scenes, helping where they can. Yet as they help, Nenith becomes more and more attracted to the foreign king.

And that is the supporting cast! We just have one more character to explore before we finish the month.


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