The King’s Bluff Month – The Character Readers Love to Hate

….or that’s the idea anyway. I’m far from having my antagonist developed enough to be that sort yet. I just love first draft characters. (Note the sarcasm)

But who is the antagonist? Ah, yes, of course. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present you to Volcor Raseild. What? You can’t see him? Well, if I must describe him, I must.

Volcor Raseild shares many of Antreo’s physical traits, due to their relation. His once red-brown hair is greying with age, though his green eyes still spark with a cold life. His beard, which he keeps closely cropped against his face and chin, as befits his status, has greyed fully. His face is hard-set, and his jaw determined. He is slightly short, and a little on the stocky side, but though he is also advancing in years, his air is still one of strength and power.

Think of the most overbearing person you know, and that will give you an idea of Volcor’s character. The only thing he loves more than himself is power, and he will do anything necessary to attain and keep it. This has caused him to develop a manipulative, ruthless frame of mind. Yet somewhere, hidden deep down, there’s a part of him that can care, it is just all but untapped.

From a child,  Volcor was raised to one day take the throne of Nalycia, because his older brother was delicate, and it was not thought he would live. But live his brother did, and Volcor felt that he was cheated from his throne. He has had to content himself with playing the king like a puppet, and now with being regent to Antreo, his brother’s son. However, it’s not enough. He desires to find a wife that will bear him an heir, at which time his nephew and niece will prove to be…expendable. Matters are complicated because Volcor is the last person to remember Nalycia’s dirty secret. If his nephew discovers it, all Volcor’s dreams of power will vanish like a puff of smoke.


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