The King’s Bluff Month: The Bluffing King Himself

Well, now that we’ve had a (very) whirlwind tour through the setting, I’d like to introduce you to some of my characters, starting with the protagonist, the king of the novel’s title, Antreo Raseild.

Unfortunately, due to the dangers of character look-alike shopping, I don’t have a picture to show you. So you’ll just have to do your best to imagine with me. Close your eyes really tight. There you go. Now imagine with me. Imagine that you see a young man barely in his twenties. His chin is not yet covered with the beard that characterizes most men in his country, yet his forest green eyes glint from under his dark red-brown hair with the air of wisdom that comes from sorrow. His mouth, though well-used to smiling, is hard-set with determination. He is slightly on the tall side, and slim, though still with the appearance of strength.

As for the character of the character, Antreo is quite willing to be a little silly and engage in verbal sparring, but he is also unwaveringly determined. If he has a goal he wants to reach, he will be constantly striving for it, and if he believes something is right, he will not back down, no matter the cost. He is ever the gentleman.

Antreo’s mother, Ririth, died when he was young, and his father, Heur, followed when Antreo was twenty, leaving him under a regent, his uncle Volcor. Of all the people in the family, only Volcor knows and remembers Nalycia’s dirty secret, and he will do anything to keep anyone else from finding out.  Antreo also has a sister, Atharielle, who is four years younger, and whom he admires, though his desire to save his and his sister’s lives will clash with his desire to never hurt her. He was sent away to the Athulian battleschool at thirteen to learn fighting skills as well as, it was hoped, some statecraft, and did not return until seven years later at the beginning of the novel, when his father lay dying.

I hope to introduce you to the physical antagonist, Volcor, later in the week.


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