The King’s Bluff Month: Welcome to Saemyr

IMG_0456Do you have your seatbelts buckled and your helmets on? Good, because we’re about to embark on a – rather late – whirlwind tour of The King’s Bluff as I introduce you to the setting, and hopefully the characters of my novel. But today we only have time to arrive. This kind of inter-world travelling is tiring, you know. So hold on to your hats, fedoras, akubras, and baseball caps, because this inter-world teleporter is leaving in three….two…one!

The rushing sensation you feel in your brain is entirely normal for inter-world travelling, don’t worry.

Ah, and here we are.

Welcome to Saemyr, a land broken by a war that raged across the globe.

Once integrated – elementals living beside humans – it has become separated, scarred, the ones viewed as powerful banished to a far away island continent and forgotten. As the elementals took their inborn “magic” with them, Saemyr has been left all but devoid of the unusual, except on the island where the vestiges of the Great War still manifest themselves. But this has not left Saemyr in peace, as it was thought it would. War and sedition has broken out like fire, fueled by a paradoxical country that is at the same time militaristic and foppish. Treachery and lies have changed the history of a country that values the past above all else. And gales and fires, earthquakes and waves, rage across an island, unheeded and unchecked.

Welcome to Saemyr, where nothing is as it seems, and everything holds a bitter secret.


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