What Exactly Am I Writing?

RavenWhile I’ve shown plenty of my writing process, I’ve never entirely explained the plot of my current novel project. Yes, I’ve provided a logline, but now I have to follow it up, right? So I’ve decided to reveal my first draft of my summary/future back cover copy. It’s bound to morph many times before I write “the end”* for the last time, but for now it serves my purposes. Enjoy.

When Antreo returns home from abroad to his father the king’s deathbed, he doesn’t expect to find him under delusions that his children’s lives are in danger. Nor does he expect to be forced to promise to pretend to be a careless dandy that doesn’t care a whit about being a puppet king. But as Antreo uncovers evidence after evidence of his regent uncle’s lust for power, the delusions show themselves to be reality. Anxious to save his life and that of his sister, and in the hopes that he can one day loosen his uncle’s grip on power, he masquerades as a foppish fool. But will Antreo be able to continue his charade without discovery? Will he be able to save his life and his sister’s from his uncle’s conniving? Will he be able to continue, even when it seems he is bringing pain to everyone but himself? And what will he do when he discovers that the throne on which he sits was usurped half a century ago from its rightful owner?

It has been years since Nalycia’s peace was broken by rebellion, and its occurrence has passed from the memories of all but a few. Yet as the land becomes a shadow of its former self under the hand of tyrannical regent, change is coming. The people are becoming restless, anxious, and when one who claims to be the descendant of the rightful sovereign appears, they rally behind him. Will Nalycia be plunged into a bloody civil war, or will one man’s sacrifice stem the flood?

I’m also officially dubbing at least January, if not February as well, as “National The King’s Bluff Month.” I’m sure you’re thinking that you hear about TKB every month, but I’d like to take some time to introduce you more to the setting and the characters. I’d like to share my discoveries with you. So pack your bags and get all your travel preparations ready – the interworld teleporter is leaving soon.

*I actually never write “the end,” but whatever. 😉

**Temporary cover created by the illustrious BushMaid.


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