The Fantasy Writing Adventure – December

CastleHey, lookie! I still exist! I haven’t lost my typing fingers or any such disaster!

So, December. I’m going to be not-entirely-accurate and say I wrote two whole chapters, because I finished the second today, and it’s close, right?

Antreo inclined his head slightly. “General Hyer, General Tyasuir.”

They bowed. “Your Highness.”

They were the lines that Antreo had always known he would speak and hear, the lines carefully scripted by some early Nalycian king. Yet they didn’t give the gleeful shudder he had always imagined as a boy. As a child, he had failed to consider that his coronation meant his father’s death. Coronations could never be something joyful to the recipient; the loss was too heavy. As a boy, he had play-acted a feeling of pride, of confidence and strength. But now he felt nothing but shame. The crown he would wear today was not his own; it was only a symbol. A symbol of the power he had given willingly given up to another to save his life. Like a coward, he had sacrificed his people’s well-being for a few more years of life. Even as his mind cried that it was not too late, his heart remembered his father’s panicked pleas for a promise, and the promise, however reluctant, he had given.

So let’s see. I used my very first scene divider in the whole book, and I think it was necessary to drive a point home. And now I’m back to transition paragraphs. But sometimes I sure miss my little ~. I think I’m just lazy. 😉

“Er, yes, thank you. I–I suppose you must think it awfully strange.”

“It is not my place to think anything, sir.”

“Really? What do you think one plus one is?”

“Whatever you’d like it to be.”

“So if I said that one plus one was twenty-three, you would concur?”

“Of course.”

Antreo smirked. “I see. And when you returned to the servants’ quarters and it came up in conversation, would you tell the others that it was twenty-three, or would you tell them that it was two?”

“Twenty-three, sir.”

Antreo left the room shaking his head at the oddity of Athulian ways.

In other news, my book has finally discovered its theme! I’m sure some of you are aghast that I started without one, but sometimes these things have to be organic, you know? In it’s most condensed form, the theme is “choices.” When we expand that a little, we discover that the book covers issues such as “wrong choices for the right reasons are not right” and “making right choices even when they go against everything you’ve worked for.”

Antreo sat bolt upright. “Spies?”

“Don’t tell us you were unaware of their existence,” Corithazon drawled.

“You forget that I have spent the years from my childhood until now away from home. Why do you spy on us?”

“A mere matter of course. They’re in every country keeping us apprised of the goings on. Not to prepare for war or any such thing, mind you. Just so we stay abreast of current events.”

“Haven’t you ever heard of ambassadors?”

“They are our ambassadors, and give us rather more accurate information that a visible ambassador would, I should imagine.”

Antreo shook his head.

“Come, come. You will be glad of them when they allow you to stay informed as to the doings in your country.”

I’ve also finally bumped up against a certain young lady who I think is the most difficult character to write in this novel. As princess and a flirt, I have a feeling she doesn’t have many more brains than Pride and Prejudice‘s Lydia Bennett. But her flighty ways will have their own reward. 😀 In the meantime, I find it an interesting challenge.

Antreo rose from his seat. “I should take my leave of you now, Corithazon, ladies.”

Sylve jumped up, grabbing his arm again. “Do say you’ll come again!”

Antreo looked down into her sparkling eyes, which looked up so hopefully. He smiled. “I will come as often as you allow me, Sylve.”

And I think that’s all for this month. I hope to provide you with more to read on here this month; I have a novel summary and such to show you. Happy New Year!


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