In Which I Promote Never

On November twenty-third, my friend, J. Grace Pennington, will be publishing her second novel, Never.

Oh, you want to know what it’s about?

Travis Hamilton never expected to be a killer. One day he was studying to become a schoolteacher in the little western town of Spencervale, and the next he was sentenced to ten years hard labor in the Dead Mines outside town — from which few return alive.

Ross Hamilton is no detective. But when his brother is convicted of murder, he has no choice but to abandon his ranch and do all in his power to find out just what happened the night of the killing, and who is really responsible.

Neither brother is prepared to be stretched and tested to his limits and beyond by an adventure that is much bigger than either of them ever imagined.

But in the next few days, they will be. The only way to survive is to never compromise.

As one of those privileged to be Grace’s test readers, I can readily recommend this book as well worth your time. I would order you to go buy it, but since it won’t be out for another three days, you’re off the hook….for now.

As part of her promotional scheme, Grace has asked me to participate in a blog scavenger hunt. Or rather, help you participate.

What is a blog scavenger hunt, you want to know? Good question.

As you can see below, I have some Never trivia and a code. And a link, but we’ll get to that. You can just file the trivia in your memory bank, but you want to copy down the code and put it somewhere, because it’s important!

As you go from blog to blog (that’s what the link’s for, to take you to the next blog), you’ll need to gather all the shiny codes. When you have them all, email them to Miss Pennington at theauthor [AT] jgracepennington [DOT] com by midnight November 22nd.

Those that email all the correct codes will receive not one, but two Never themed desktop wallpapers and be entered in a draw for a free signed copy!

Hey, hey, hold your horses. I know you want to hurry on to the next blog and start searching, but I have to give you your trivia first!

Grace watched an episode of the TV show Bonanza nearly every day of the editing process, to help get her in a western mood.

Wait! Don’t forget your code!


Okay, fine. Now you may go.


Have fun!!!


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