Paper Lanterns

Not many people know that my way of journalling is through free verse or blank verse poetry. Few of my poems are worth anything beyond putting my thoughts on paper. The ones that are even close to good no one sees. I’m changing that today.


Paper lanterns.

They hang there, so thin,

So fragile,

So useless, but for the light that shines out brightly through them,

Illuminating the darkened world.

Not like me.

I am like a great oak tree.

I am strong.

I am useful, capable, powerful.

I am invincible.

I am wonderful.

And then I turn my eyes heavenward and see my useless pride.

I am like these paper lanterns.

I am fragile.

My life hangs on a thread.

It is but a moment,

A vapour that appears and then vanishes at the next breath of wind.

I am useless alone.



I am a mere human, all is impossible without power from above.

But yet I am not enough like the paper lanterns.

I am not thin.

There is too much of me,

What I have done,

What I have said,

What I have accomplished, learned, and conquered.

There is too much of me, that those around cannot see the One inside of me.

There is so much of me, that in seeing me,

They cannot see

The Light that should be shining out through me.

I want to be like the paper lanterns.

So thin that all that is noticed

Is the Light inside,

Shining out, illuminating this darkened, sinful world.

I am not wonderful.

All I am is a sphere of paper

Made but for one purpose, to be shone through.

A paper lantern.


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