Beautiful Writing – October

What is this? Another something with a month tagged on?

A number of blogs have monthly posts that send their readers to read blog posts from that month that they’ve enjoyed. I am going to be doing a similar thing, but highlighting posts that go beyond enjoyment to being moving, posts that make me cry (though that isn’t hard), posts where the writing isn’t just writing, it’s beautiful writing.

First on the list is A. Andrew Joyce’s Tapestry of Life. Even though it wasn’t written this month, this post is so beautiful that I can’t not mention it. Andrew takes a metaphor that I’ve used for life myself and weaves it into a stirring, insightful post. (pun intended)

Now, if you haven’t gotten lost in awe of the first one, I have another for you: J. Grace Pennington’s People Who Cry. Technically, it wasn’t written this month, either, but this is the first time I’ve done this! Cut me some slack here. With characteristic elegant prose, Grace addresses the issue of making ourselves vulnerable, writing about the deep things that lay on our hearts, about things that hurt, things that we care about. No fluffy stories, please.

If you’re even still with me, next up is Kaitlyn E.’s Live Every Moment. In a poignant post about a very precious little boy, Kaitlyn challenges her readers to, as the title says, live every moment in love, for life is fleeting.

Next up, Katie Daniels’s Missing Heaven. Every story is about longing.

Jasmine’s Jonah’s Prayer poignantly captures the process and necessity of giving our cares, our troubles, our aches to the Saviour.

I Forgive You is Katie Daniels’s masterful poem about, well, forgiving.

As a writer, is the world around you commonplace, or do you wonder at it? Is it normal, or magic? J. Grace Pennington addresses this in People Who Wonder.

Finally, A. Andrew Joyce’s Melted Ice Cream, about when you can’t see what God is doing in the tapestry of life.

I hope you enjoy, as I have.


6 thoughts on “Beautiful Writing – October

  1. BushMaid says:

    I’m very touched that you chose to share my story along with all these awesome and beautifully moving posts, Zoe. Thankyou, I’m glad it spoke to you. πŸ™‚

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