The Fantasy Writing Adventure – September

This is where I tease and taunt you with excerpts, as well as enumerate what I’ve learned about my writing during the month.

One month done, and one chapter finished! And to my extreme surprise, it was 5551 words, over double what I was expecting. To those of you that would understand this comparison, that’s about the length of one of Kaitlyn’s chapters!

You’re thinking, so what?

Well, considering that the first draft of my previous novel was only 36K, and I was expecting the same for this, the prospect of having an approximately 60K first draft is exciting. It’s a big deal…for me.

“You are lucky,” he whispered teasingly to Saen. “A moment longer, and I would have surprised you and won the bout.”

“I think you have that backwards. I would have won the bout, though it would have been no surprise,” Saen winked.

I’ve also discovered that even in first drafts, characters and books can develop a mind of their own. Shocking. I looked at my outline, and what I had planned for a chapter section looked like it would be rushed if it was only given one section. So, I’m winging it. Who knows how much material it will give me.

The second sheet was filled with the elegant writing that he easily identified as his younger sister’s.

My favourite brother,

Antreo smiled despite his fear of the news that would follow. As he often teasingly pointed out to his sister, he was her only brother. Yet each time she said it, it was infused with such sisterly love that Antreo felt as though there were many brothers and this sweet creature had somehow chosen him as her favourite. It made him stand up taller and pray fervently that he would never betray that love.

I’m also struggling to learn how to follow my own advice to not shove my worldbuilding in my readers’ faces. It’s a challenge that I hope I’m seeing some success in.

If only there had been more time. More time to not only learn how to be a better warrior, but a better king. Time to learn diplomacy, how to lead a country, and especially how to fend off power-hungry nobles. But time and death marched on, regardless of the chaos they created. The time would soon come for Antreo to take his father’s place, and he was not ready.

*scurries off to a new month of writing*


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