It’s a Disease

Did you know that scientists recently discovered a new disease? They’ve given it the name of scriptoris cerebrum, or Writer’s Brain.

You’ve never heard of it? Of course not. It was recently discovered.

Writer’s Brain is usually contracted as a result of an immune deficiency following the serious decision to be a writer. It is not believed to be contagious, yet somehow manifests itself in practically every writer.

The symptoms of Writer’s Brain are an excess of story ideas, especially while focusing on a certain story, an addictive desire to write that does not go away even while writing, and voices in the sufferer’s head.

No cure has been found, though a regular dose of cupcakes is recommended. The side effect of this dose is finished stories.

My dear friends, I am a sufferer from Writer’s Brain. I contracted it approximately three months after beginning writing. I was working on a novel, and (*sobs*) I got an idea for another three!

One of them just kept bringing itself to my attention (*sniffle*), until I finally started working on it.

It is called The King’s Bluff, and is the first of what will be a light fantasy trilogy. In it:

A young king follows his dead father’s instructions to play the fool to avoid being assassinated by his evil regent, only to discover that the throne belongs, not to him, but to a familiar rebel.

It is a story of court intrigue, deceit, discovery, and inner turmoil, a story where a long held secret reveals that the history a country thought they knew is a lie.

In many ways, this book is a new experience for me. Though I’ve long considered myself a first person writer, I am writing The King’s Bluff in third person limited. And not only that, but my POV character is a male. Add to that that it is less of an “action” novel than my previous work, and I have an adventure ahead of me.

But adventure is out there, and this is as fun of one as any. So maybe Writer’s Brain isn’t so bad after all…


3 thoughts on “It’s a Disease

  1. You were right. I loved this blog post for many reasons, not the least of which being I am very excited for this story of yours! ^_^ But of course, cupcakes and Pixar references are a nice touch. 😉 Lemme know if you need more of those cupcakes whilst you work on this awesome book, my dear!

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