In Which I Promote Peter’s Angel

Today my friend Aubrey Hansen published her first full-length novel, the long-awaited Peter’s Angel! Since Aubrey first announced on Holy Worlds’s Novel Goals thread that Peter’s Angel was her new project, Red Rain fans and most of Holy Worlds has been watching the book’s progress excitedly. And today, when the book released at last, Holy Worlds Historical Fiction broke its record of members on at one time as we poured on to excitedly congratulate her.

So what is it about, you’re probably asking.* Let me give it to you straight from the horse’s, I mean authoress’s mouth…

In the wake of a lost War for Independence, Peter Jameson, a young colonel, struggles to protect his tiny patriot state of Rhode Island from the oppression of New Britain, the wealthy British duchy. When New Britain invades and attempts to seize Rhode Island’s newly-discovered mine, Peter finds himself leading his small cavalry against the massive British army. But war becomes the least of his worries when his own men kidnap him and hold him for ransom. Facing certain death, Peter is freed by a mysterious boy who vanishes without leaving his name. Indebted, Peter determines to find his “angel” and reward him. But his rescuer has a secret of his own–he is the exiled rightful heir of New Britain, and he will do anything to keep from being found.

Peter’s Angel is a book that will keep you in suspense as you root for the characters and groan over places where plot thread X could have been resolved if so-and-so was just five minutes earlier.

Sounds interesting, right? Right. Now go buy it and read it. Right now. I’ll wait.


Thank you. To continue…

To many Holy Worlders, Peter’s Angel has come to be more than a book, even more than Aubrey’s book. It is an example and inspiration.

You see, we’re very blessed Peter’s Angel is published today. There was a time where Aubrey deleted it because of issues in the writing. And as she began to write it again, it was a love-hate relationship. It wasn’t easy.

As we watched and cheered Aubrey on, “This is my Peter’s Angel” became a catchphrase with a number of my writing friends, myself included. Heart books that it hurt to write, books that we had our own difficult relationship with, these were our own Peter’s Angels.

My own The Masked Bird was, and is, one of those books. The publication of Peter’s Angel today is more than just, “Hooray! Aubreeey’s book is published;” it’s an encouragement to me. Because if, by God’s grace, Peter’s Angel can make it this far, then maybe my own can too.

So thank you, Aubrey, not only for writing a wonderful book, but for being an encouragement and example by pressing forward and following God’s leading and publishing Peter’s Angel.

Now please excuse me. I’m going to go read it again.

*Okay, 99%  of you probably aren’t asking, since you’re HWers, but bear with me…


4 thoughts on “In Which I Promote Peter’s Angel

  1. You make me want to cry, girl! I had never thought of it that way–generally I thought people phrased it that way because they knew I would understand what they meant. The idea that I’m encouraging people in such a way… Well, thank you. Thank you for this post, thank you for test-reading and rooting for Peter’s Angel, and thank you for being my friend, my little sister, my Zoeee! I am so blessed that I got to know you. Praise God for Holy Worlds! 😀

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